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Major, long term investment is needed to right-fit Rwanda’s skills base for middle income status. As a middle-income country the economy will have shifted towards services and industry, and a more capable workforce will be needed across all sub-sectors.

Skills development and employment promotion are central to Rwanda transformative vision, aiming to become an upper-middle income country by 2035, and ultimately a high-income country by 2050.

Today, Rwanda’s skills base is a constraint to growth of existing businesses, limits investment, and is not enabling a rapid transition to a middle-income economy
The Chief Skills Office together with key stakeholders in the skills development and employment promotion Ecosystem developed the National Skills Development and Employment Promotion Strategy (NSDEPS), which will provide skills for employment, match skills supply and demand and promote employment through targeted interventions.

The NSDEPS comes as a follow-on to the National Employment Programme and defines a vision of an optimised skills and employment ecosystem, to foster long-term economic transformation. This strategy is built on 3 pillars, covering skills development, employment promotion, and matching.

This strategy is both ambitious and actionable. It focuses on the next five years, with long-term aims, It is rooted in facts and past work and is also innovative: It is informed by international experiences, to become distinctly Rwandan: It is RDB led, and jointly owned: