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Rwandan Abroad

As Rwanda is moving towards a knowledge-based economy, the need for specialised skills is rapidly increasing. Therefore, the development of the country requires the support of its nationals wherever they are based around the world.
If you are Rwandan living abroad, willing to contribute to the development of your country you can register with Kora jobportal to have access to information about employment opportunities, internship opportunities and consultancy services. This portal will also help to link Rwandans living abroad with potential employers in Rwanda who are looking for brilliant minds.

By registering with Kora jobportal you will find available job opportunities both in public and private institutions in Rwanda.

Available Specialised Opportunities

If you are willing to offer consultancy services in Rwanda, you can register with Kora jobportal to access different consultancy opportunities in Rwanda.

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By registering on Kora jobportal, you will be able to access the internship opportunities in Rwanda.
RDB has developed an internship database where you can register and get an opportunity for internships.

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